How To Book

Booking Alpen Ridge is an easy process. Just select your dates (or number of nights) and how many pax will be in this booking. The page will automatically search for availability.

Search For Availability

Each room type will show you whether it is available and whether there are various plans you can book (eg: discounted rates). Each plan may have differing conditions so please read them carefully before booking. Rates are already inclusive of taxes.

If you need to book multiple rooms, you can toggle the “Book Multiple” option so that you can select the number of rooms to book.

If you want to know more about our booking conditions, please click the Terms & Conditions button found on the footer links.

Once you have decided to book, click the Book or Request button.

Enter Reservation Information

To proceed with booking you will be asked to provide some necessary details. Required ones will be marked with *. Some plans might have additional options that you can select. Please enter the random captcha at the end of the booking form before confirming your booking. This is to prevent automated submissions. Once you have filled out the form, click the Confirm Booking or Request Button to send your booking request.

Payment Request

Depending on the plan you have selected your booking may require a deposit or full payment once you click on the Confirm Booking or Request button. Payment will be via our secure payment gateway and you can choose using different payment options depending on your location. Booking will be auto-confirmed once the required payment is made. Bookings without any payments within 7 days of booking will be cancelled.

For plans which require a deposit within 7 days of booking, please expect an email confirmation from our consultant within 48hrs with instructions on how to make a deposit within 7 days.

Reservation Completed

You will receive an auto-confirmation that your booking has been received. If you have made a deposit but received a “request” status first, please wait for the next email confirming your booking as there might be a slight delay from when the payment gateway has updated our system.

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